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You win some, you lose some Richie T |
08/16/2012 | Filed In:

You win some, you lose some

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   Our last post was concerning a rogue community garden thief, however, with this post we bring news of a mysterious plant in the place where our garlic once stood. The plant seems to be from the allium family (same as that of onions and garlic). It looks like an onion, but I'm not sure what kind it is. Can anyone I.D. this for us? I'll have to do a little research and look into it.

   Now I'm not much of a betting girl but if f I had to make a wager as to who may have been the secret onion planter, I'd put my money on the sweet neighborhood busy-body Patty. She does a lot of upkeep throughout the garden and is always lending a free hand in weeding and things. She's very involved in the garden happenings and knows about the missing garlic, so maybe she decided to put something in it's place. It's kinda strange for me not being in total control of our garden, but maybe this flux of missing produce replaced by a caring neighbor is the essence of community gardening.

   We also have to extend a sincere THANK YOU to our fellow gardeners who help us supplement the irrigation system in this extreme heat wave. Our plants are at the point where deep watering is critical. Since Brent and I both work at a beautiful nursery in Midway "Earth and Eden", we see on a daily basis the stress a plant can undergo with these temperature breaching 100℉. We simply cannot thank our fellow gardener enough! Stu, Desi, Patty and any other fastidious garden neighbor that may be aiding our water needs without our knowledge, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!


~Your "Radio From Hell" Sharecroppers

Tara & Brent


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