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01/07/2014 | Filed In:

Time Wasters at Work

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The biggest wastes of time of 2013, only a week late!

1. Fark.com for all of your news needs.

2. Cracked.com and Listverse.com for lists about lists and more lists.

3. Imgur.com and Wimp.com for all of the funny pictures and viral videos you could possibly want.

4. The best Tumblrs and Twitters to follow;

My all-time favorite, even if inactive

Literally Unbelievable

Rap Coloring Book

Mental Floss for knowledge junkies

And a list of some new things to follow on Twitter

5. Apps of the week
Vevo for music videos
Kingsoft Office for some productivity
Presence by People Power for home security...or creepiness (iOS only) 


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