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The People You'll see at the Big Ass Show Richie T |
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The People You'll see at the Big Ass Show

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You can identify your typical Barbaric Goth by looking for these indicators.
• Dark Hair
• Long dark clothing
• Black tights
• Shops at Hot Topic
• May be wearing Slipknot or Back Veil Brides apparel

Wannabe Punks
You can identify your punks by looking for these indicators.
• Wearing dark pants
• Wearing punk rock apparel such as Blink 182, A Day To Remember, and The Used
• You’ll always see them in the heart of the crowd hitting every mosh pit they can find.
• Shag styled hair
• Lied to their parents so they could go

Sk8 or Die
You can identify your skaters by looking for these indicators.
• Tighter pants
• Wearing Vans
• Obey
• Supreme
• A skater will most likely have a Five panel Supreme hat on

You can identify your typical Bro by looking for these indicators
• Male
• If there are girls around, a bro isn’t far.
• Nike socks
• Nike shirt
• Cargo shorts
• Only knows the popular songs
• Drives a jacked up truck or a dropped Subaru

“I liked their first album more.”
• Ray Ban sunglasses
• Tight Pants rolled up
• Leggings for the ladies
• Cut off shorts
• High rise shorts for girls
• Nicely combed hair for men
• long and messy for girls
• Button up shirts, buttoned all the way up

Helicopter Mom
“Want to go to the Big Ass Show? My Mom can take us.”
• The age
• Carrying purse
• Carrying water bottle
• Stands in the back of the crowd
• Watches over children at ALL times

The Old Rocker
“Elvis was better…”
This is how you identify your Old Rocker
• Between the ages of 50-65
• Probably wearing flip flops
• Cargo shorts
• Has a slight beer belly
• Has an attractive older woman by his side

Wake and Bake
Your Stoner will look like this.
• Typically male
• Just look into his eyes
• Probably wearing a Bob Marley shirt
• Wearing old ripped up Vans

OMG we’re totes in love!
Your Couples will look like this.
• Attached at the hand
• Awkward
• Hollister button up shirts
• You wont see them pushing people around
• Couples tend to leave the action if it gets too hot or too rough

Molly Mormon
“Better eat now, Tomorrows Fast Sunday”
You can identify your Mormon by looking for these indicators
• Polo
• Aeropostale
• American Eagle
• Hollister
• Multiple layers of clothing
• Backpack to carry necessities, water, band merchandise etc.


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