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The [insert number here] of Things I Learned Interning at X96 Richie T |
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The [insert number here] of Things I Learned Interning at X96

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Hello, friends. You may know me as the Intern Formerly Known As…just kidding, you don’t know me. I’m one of the nameless interns who puts you down as “10 votes for number three, please” during Boner voting (because this is America, where you can vote for stupid news stories as many times as you want).

This is my last week at the Radio From Hell show. After nearly three months of this richly educational experience, I’ve completely grown as a person and will be leaving with a few tidbits that I’d like to share with you. These were hard but life-changing lessons to learn.

1. My first official job here, the moment I knew I had made it in radio, was stapling Bill’s news for the day. I pumped SO many staples into those news stories. I’m an expert stapler now. Hire me, I’m highly qualified.
2. Executive Producer Richie Steadman is a hugger. A very serious hugger. Being a hand-shaker myself, my hug game was a little weak. Luckily, I had a champion embracer to train me in the craft.
3. I’ve now edited over 1,000 of the show’s podcasts you can find on the website. That’s not an accurate number at all, but I’ve listened to and cut out a metric butt ton of minutes of RFH. While not as applicable in everyday life as my newly acquired hugging techniques, audio editing is a handy skill to have in any media job (at least I hope so).
4. As a car-less college student, I’m forced to take public transportation to every destination in my life. Usually it’s an adventure, but at 5:29 a.m., when the very first train leaves the station and half an hour after the other interns get here, my solemn Trax ride down serves as a reminder of how unnatural it is for me to be up at this ungodly hour.
5. I got the opportunity to go to a remote broadcast at the Tracy Aviary. After escaping a near-death experience with a loose peacock (I could see the malice in his eyes), I was able to interact with some fans of the show. I couldn’t believe how many people showed up, some with their tiny children, at 8 a.m. just to see Kerry, Bill and Gina in action. It was really cool to put faces to the masses of dedicated listeners.

All in all, I had an exceptionally good time here at Radio From Hell. Awkward hugs, sleep-deprived interns and that hot, fresh doughnut I got that one time (why didn’t that happen more often?) were enough to keep me coming back. But I’ve got big plans for later. I think I’ll treat myself and sleep in until 7 next week.


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