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The 1975 Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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The 1975 Interview with Richie T

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The 1975

Matt Healy

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The Music Video for “Girls”

The delirious rise of our band over the last 8 months is, it’s kind of ridiculous. The fact that we’re kind of like becoming pop stars is just a bit silly. I think we wanted to make a music video that represented how silly everything is and how silly music videos are. Wanted to make a video about not making a video, and not wanting to make a video. ‘Cuz everyone thought that’s what was what was happening with the “Sex” video when we did it in color. Everyone was like, “Oh they’re conforming to a major label.” And because we so weren’t, we got really obsessed with that idea and we were like, right let’s make a video about conforming to a major label.

We can’t sell out because we have full creative control of everything that we do. So it would be impossible anyway.

What’s the writing process?

It’s always retrospective. The idea, the genesis, always comes from the moment because my obsession with conversation and the idea that there’s such conversational element to the way the songs are structured; A kind of idea of the situation as something that I’m very obsessed with. So I tend to write about things retrospectively but remember the moment and use literal quotations to describe the moment. You know, like bits of conversation for example.

What will the next record be like?

The narrative of the next record will be different because it’ll be about different experiences. I think that the first record was very kind of self-deprecating, and self-aware, and quite like - there was a kind of a searching within oneself. There was the element of that in the record. Whereas I think that this next record will probably be …more of a kind of reflective, coming to terms with, maybe the understanding of who I am a bit more. Because I think I was looking for who I was in the first record. Second one, maybe me coming to terms with it a little bit.

When can we expect Album #2?

2 years to the day of when the first one came out.

What has surprised you in the last year?

Everything. You imagine it all but you never genuinely believe it’s going to happen. You have so many predetermined ideas of what success is like and therefore what success is. I think you see and realize that the material and statistical things that you acquire, they’re actually quite brittle in regards to aiding yourself if you’re a person who’s kind of, I dunno, looking for salvation or looking for true happiness. You reckon when your band isn’t big that when you get a #1 album and all these kind of things, you think that’s the validation that you want. Don’t mean anything. Doesn’t mean anything. What really matters, the only thing that’s going to happen, is like a connection with other people, with other human beings…That’s the only thing we’re going to experience. So I just like kind of enriching that process. And the more I get to do that, the more proud I am of us for what we’re doing creatively. That’s all I really care about. Everything else is just really flattering but it’s not really important, is it.

Any other announcements?

We will be announcing a big American tour that will run from April to June of next year. We’ll be announcing that as soon as this one finishes.

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