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Taylor Kitsch Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Taylor Kitsch Interview with Richie T

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Taylor Kitsch


Lone Survivor opened last weekend it’s huge, tell me about that.

 It’s a true story about four Navy Seals in Afghanistan. The operation becomes compromised when a group stumbles up on the four guys and they have to make a decision that tests the fate of their future and their lives. They end up getting in a gun fight that takes three out of the four. It was filmed in New Mexico. It’s a tribute to the Seal community, these guys, and also to the families.

 It must have impacted, knowing it’s a true story.

I played Mike Murphy. The leader of the group. To be apart of their family has been an awesome thing to do. I had a dinner with Dan and I wanted to pick his brain and I wanted him to talk. I wanted to hear stories about Mike growing up. Stories of his buddies, you know bad things he did or good things. That helps shape the way you want to go and the choices you have as an actor.

 Is it true you used to sleep on the subway?

 That is true. I didn’t have a visa and I ran out of money. I ran out of opportunities or places to stay more or less. It ended up one night I didn’t have anywhere to go and you go there late at night. The lines are longer at night than they are during the day. I would go to the gym; I had a membership, and would go there to take showers. 

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