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Sunday Night Bowling Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/12/2011 | Filed In:

Sunday Night Bowling

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You really haven't lived until you've spent the $2 per game at Orchard Lanes in North Salt Lake on Sunday. It is ghetto bowling at its finest. It's becoming a Sunday night tradition for my lovely wife Boofy and our son Brogan Kelby. The place was pretty much empty last night except for us, and we were able to be complete and total idiots--which we would have done anyway. Boofy rolled two balls at once (make your own "balls" joke here) and Brogan did his patented Yoga Bowling. I've posted some photos below. Enjoy. cheeky


Here I am. Look at my awesome form!




This is actually how I  bowl. The result of this was a strike. smiley



We had popcorn, but there is nothing more disgusting than touching bowling balls and rented shoes, so we decided to not use our hands while eating.


And this is Brogan Kelby and his invention of extreme yoga bowling. This may or may not have been a gutter ball, but he tried his best! wink


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