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Sundance Day One Bill Allred |
01/23/2012 | Filed In:

Sundance Day One

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Day One in Park City: 1.20.12

Met Tim and Eric from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. I wasn’t expecting them to be as down to earth as they were; straight ahead guys with straight ahead answers to our questions. I guess I thought they would be the kind of interviewees who didn’t give real answers to questions but would be obscure and strange. Not the case at all; smart and likeable are Tim and Eric.

Another view I really liked was about performance artist Marina Abromovich. It’s called The Artist Is Present. Marina sat across from me and had me hypnotized from the get-go. This is a save for work picture of her:

It’s called Self Portrait With Skeleton.
So far, though, the best part of Sundance has been Gina taking the initiative and spearheading our new recycling program.

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