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Steve Aoki and Mike Shinoda Interview with Richie T Richie T |
10/10/2013 | Filed In:

Steve Aoki and Mike Shinoda Interview with Richie T

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Steve Aoki & Mike Shinoda

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How did this project come together?

Mike: It started with a lot of Twitter direct messages about working together, and than eventually sending files back and forth. After Linkin Park put out Living Things we wanted to offer remixes for online purchases. We wanted to work with Steve, but it didn't work out at first due to timing. Instead of the remix, it turned into a new song and gave us a better outcome.

How has your audience enjoyed the collaboration?

Steve: We wanted this to be a cross section between two worlds. It works really well in my sets. It feel so good for my crowd and they respond really well.

Mike: I feel like we've cracked the code to some degree...

Is the rumor true that Steve's Dad started Benihana?

Steve: Yes, it is.

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