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Stars in Stereo Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Stars in Stereo Interview with Richie T

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Stars in Stereo

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On having a woman in the band:

Well I know this is radio so you can't see what how handsome we are but we needed someone who is at least as attractive as us. Richie: But is that again we talked about how drugs or partying too hard can break up a band I know sometimes that with ladies in a band, that's why some bands struggle. At this point we live in a tin can together so it like you are asking us if we would touch our sister.

How do you being to write your stuff:

Well we write all of our songs together we all sit in a room together and come up with the music together its not always one before the other, we do the music together and the lyrics together just until we are all feeling it. Richie: So what's the story on "Every Last Thing"

Well that is actually the first song we wrote together, it doesn't sound like it did when we first wrote it you know its been on its own journey, but it was the first song we wrote together and for us it is really cool to see it make through all the cuts and make it on the album and become the first single and video.

What is your favorite part of touring:

For every tour we do we see, hopefully, more and more people singing along and that never gets old. When someone is singing the song that your wrote and your playing your like, "Oh my god, I'm not the only one that's has heard this!" We're so in this bubble of touring and writing and always working we forget that people are home and putting the song on repeat and identifying with it and to actually see that first hand is just awesome.

How did the song Broken come about:

I think it is just all of our tragic stories, we've all be in a place where we feel broken or like we weren't worth something or we were just thinking about all of our flaws and it made us feel lonely or upset. That song is really just about making us feel like we have a family that we can go to when we do feel like that. And that we are not alone in those feelings, that a lot of people have those feelings and it shouldn't isolate you it should bring you together.

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