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Richie T Steadman

RFH Program Director

 Among the many masterminds behind the radio station X96 Radio From Hell show, which is one of the longest running local radio stations in the US, is Richie T Steadman. A middle aged man with plenty of spark and personality. Richie dedicates his sweat, blood, and tears to make the radio station move forward with fresh ideas and hilarious morning talk. Richie attended Southern Utah University, where he was a DJ on the school radio and sung in the SUU show choir, and also did time at the University of Utah. Starting as an intern for X96 he eventually made his way to executive producer and program director. Although Richie is all smiles and laughs he works hard training for marathons, running as fast has his lanky legs will carry him and managing multiple clueless interns at the crack of dawn each morning. Richie hosts the radio program, "The Richie T Experience" each Saturday morning along with the "Cultural Hall" podcast that highlights different topics that deal with the LDS church. Richie has had the success of making it on the list of the top Mormons in Media. Along with waking up each morning before the sun Richie also; interviews bands, sets up in studio guests, does local band podcasts, he even appears on Radio From Hell some mornings with stories from his life.
Richie is married to an amazing woman who puts up with his crazy ideas and hilarious personality. His biggest priority in life is being happy and enjoying the little things that make life worth it. Richie T loves to be active and travel to fun places with his family.
Richie gives great advice laced with hilarious comments to make one appreciate their mistakes while learning to do better next time. He always has the best interest of those around him at heart and works hard to make sure that each member of the X96 team is valued and appreciated. There is not one person at the station that Riche hasn't spoken to individually and experienced a classic awkward Richie moment with.
When asked about Richie those at the radio station say,
"He does an awesome tight pants dance!" - Ani
"Richie is the dad of the X96 always keeping it moving but there to make it enjoyable."

We sat Richie T down for a set of quick fire questions that tested how fast he can process important information. Here are the questions that were thrown Richie's way;

-If you weren't in radio what would you do instead?
R: If I weren't working in radio I would definitely do something with people.

-Why did do choose to be in radio?
R: It chose me.

-The coolest thing you get to do by being apart of X96?
R: I get to have fun...everyday...sometimes that means leaving work by Noon.

-As a kid what did you want to do when you grew up?
R: I wanted to be a stand up comedienne

-What is your favorite local restaurant?
R: That is a hard one to pick. Hmm...Painted Pony probably.

-Who is your favorite superhero?
R: Captain Underpants (A fictional character my dad created to get us to do our laundry)

-What is your favorite TV show?
R: GLEE, Smash, Revolution. MASH for old timey purposes

-Did you pull any pranks while interning or working at X96?
R: All I can say is, 1 prank...but it bit back.

-You also attended clown college, why?
R: Clown college changed my life. It taught me an entirely different way to look at problems and solutions.

-What is your biggest fear?
R: That nothing matters.

We hope that this has helped you get a better picture of our favorite guy at the station. Richie has some very ingenious ideas of getting radio out to and involving our listeners. As 98.9 comes to southern Utah we hope that you feel free to participate in the show with calls, comments, and ideas.


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