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Gina Barberi

Radio From Hell

Gina was welcomed into the loving Radio From Hell arms of Kerry and Bill 17 years ago as a producer. She was a terrible producer, but an excellent verbal punching bag, so they let her stay. On the show, she is in charge of Incomplete Sports and Weather.  She does a fine job of being incomplete by focusing on good looking sports figures, the U, and spotty sprinkles. Gina also tends to miss important meetings and station events because “my kid has a thing”. This, of course, makes her an invaluable member of the Radio From Hell Team.
Gina is married to ½ Egyptian Prince “Joe Jones”. No pictures of “Joe” are allowed in the studio because Gina is distracted by his brown hotness. Gina and “Joe” have 3 children. Festus is 15 and spends most of his time playing on his guitar every single Green Day song ever written. Jonesie is a 7 year old eyelash model and 5 year old Mohamed is…getting away! Quick! After him!!!


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