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Kerry Jackson

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Kerry Jackson's prosperous broadcast career didn't start out the way most would expect. Rather than growing up in a major city exposed to media on a daily basis, Jackson grew up on a farm in Salem, Utah. It was there he learned what he calls his most important trait: His work ethic. Jackson's father taught him the importance of working hard and being proud of that work, something he still holds strong to his heart today. But farm work was not his passion, and much like the story of Luke Skywalker looking for a better life beyond what he had, the tale of a farmboy leaving the fields to see the galaxy inspired Jackson to become something greater. Big things lay ahead.

Jackson has worked nearly every position in radio at over a dozen different stations in his 30+ year career, all throughout the state of Utah. “It’s easier to list the jobs and formats I haven’t done” says Jackson, which would only be General/Sales management positions, along with Jazz and Polka music. His first job began in 1982, fresh from graduating Spanish Fork High School, leaving conventional jobs behind and spending more than half his life on the air near an open microphone ever since.

Throughout his lengthy career, Jackson has won numerous broadcast industry and listeners’ choice awards. The Radio From Hell Show is consistently rated in the top three morning radio broadcasts in the Salt Lake City Metro area, the 30th largest market in the nation, providing local news, interviews and entertainment for most of the state. He appears frequently as a guest and expert on local television, radio and podcast media; has been interviewed numerous times for publication features and interviews, and has even worked in film.

Along with his radio career, Jackson has produced his own show for over a decade: The Geek Show Podcast. Originally started as an occasional segment on Radio From Hell, the show moved from terrestrial broadcast in April of 2008 with Jackson leading his group of friends and media colleagues through discussions of geek-related news and media. The podcast has also won many listeners’ choice awards from local publications and is second only in popularity to Radio From Hell's podcasts.

It’s no surprise that Jackson often references and discusses his love for geek culture, including comic books, science-fiction films and television series such as Star Trek and Star Wars. His large toy collection consists of Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel Comics and dozens more. Jackson also has been candid and jocular about his battle with testicular cancer and suffering from possibly a combination of personality disorders, depression and social anxiety. Jackson says he “lies in bed and hears songs or phrases repeat themselves over and over.” Mostly these intrusive and repetitive thoughts are themed as Warner Bros. cartoons.

Jackson currently lives in Salt Lake City with his beautiful wife, Suzanne. They have no children and have chosen to never have them, living “Child-Free,” as he calls it. They have two dogs: Artie (named after The Larry Sanders Show character) and Ripley (whose full name is Lt. Ellen Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo in Alien).



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