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Jake Stone

Bathroom Attendant

Hey Guys! I'm Jake the VP Of Promotions / Bathroom Attendant here at X96 (Aka the "Giver of Free Stuff").

I was born and raised in the gangstaness (Is that even English?) of Cottonwood Heights, home to the rumored worlds busiest 7-11 (Ha bet you didn't know that!). Thanks to some forged documents I started in radio when I was 16 back on Diana @ 1079. Radio jobs and deportation has taken my journey to Ontario,Canada, Sonora, Mexico, and exotic St.George, Utah. 13 years later here I am back with the stations that started it all by not checking my ID & living the American dream of living acrossed the street from where I went to High School.

Ya I'm awesome!

Lets be honest I am a total radio geek - I live, sleep, and eat it! I really am really blessed to be here doing what I love.

When not at the station you can find me watching Elmo's World @ 3AM with my boys, knitting, or chasing off the neighbors dog who has adopted my lawn as his personal rest room.

In all seriousness feel free to email me with any comments, questions, or suggestions for the station and I will reply personally! Thanks for your support of X96! We have some sweet stuff in the works for you!


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