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Jon Smith is the Mid Day Guy on x96

Jon Smith is a lifelong Utah resident, born and raised in Taylorsville. Jon has been a radio geek for 15 years, half of which was spent exiled in the desert land of Southern Utah. Since he has worked for, and has been dismissed from most of the radio stations there, he decided it was time to come home to Salt Lake City.

Jon has been married for nearly 15 years, and is a self proclaimed "right wing gun-nut". Seriously, don't get him started on guns because he wont shut up. He also enjoys collecting G.I. Joes, and spending as much time as possible in Disneyland. Jon is also a type 1 diabetic, so if he's in a bad mood take away his Oreos. That usually means his blood sugar is high. His dislikes include anchovies, people who don't use coasters, and writing radio station bios.


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