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Corey O'Brien

Evenings/Music Director

I'm a Utah native and been on X96 for 16 years this June.  That's a long time.  Sorry.  But seriously, join me evenings from 7p to midnight for a newer, fresher, trimmed, brushed and groomed selection of music.  Xposed is at 8p and that is where I play the songs harvested from all sorts of places: cassette tapes, interwebs, internets, innerspace and sometimes, just sometimes, a CD.

Some of my favorite bands are NoFX, Chris Isaak, All the Conor Oberst stuff, Guttermouth, NIN, Weezer, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, Face to Face, Pearl Jam, The Faint, Kaiser Chiefs, Hyper Crush, Cherub, Liars, The Sounds, Nick Cave's stuff, Tom Waits, ALL the Jack White stuff and more...

That's enough sharing for now.  I have to save some for my therapist.


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