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Seriously! About 100 people witnessed! jake | Promotions Director
03/21/2011 | Filed In:

Seriously! About 100 people witnessed!

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New Episode has commitment issues before a Live Studio Audience!
Broken News:(NSFW!) Shatners B-Day? Wonder Woman costume is squeaky. Good News about Robocop remake. You already knew the Spidey & Batman movie villain news. Cap Movie with Namor? Batman cartoon. Stan Lee cameos continue. Walking Dead vs Stephen King? Warhammer movie? Dr Who premiere!
Episode: (NSFW!) Recorded before a Live Studio Audience of at least 100 people at Brewvies! Rape Bonus! Star Tours news. A 90 hour toooour! Batman vs Scooby Doo. V finale….ew. New TV Shows. The mentally handicapped LOVE The Cape. Smallville. Super Death Super Man. Ma Kent shucks my corn. Looking for Fist! Fatty Wolverine. Harry areola. This Week in Tragedy. High School lesbians. 404 error. My favorite disease. Nobgobblin’! Abrica Hitler! Dragon Tittes’. Was anyone afraid of Mothra? Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: The Movie!


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