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RIP Robin Williams jon | Mid Day
08/11/2014 | Filed In:

RIP Robin Williams

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I'm not normally the guy that talks about celebrity deaths. After all it's not like I know the person right?

But in the case of Robin Williams, I am genuinely sad. Robin Williams and Good Morning Vietnam are a big part of why I got into radio. I could recite that movie back to front and front to back. I still to this day use that movie for inspiration on my show.

A few years ago, my wife told me that she had never seen GMV. One of the most important movies in my LIFE. When I heard this I jumped up and ran to the St. George Wal*Mart to buy the DVD. It was in the $5.99 bin so I grabbed the movie, some DIet Coke, and some popcorn and stood in line at the register.

The bearded man in front of me looked somewhat familiar, but I couldn't quite place from where. When his phone rang and I heard his voice answer. I IMMEDIATELY knew. Robin Williams was standing in front of me. He looked back, and briefly smiled as he saw my purchase. But I froze.

I've met a LOT of famous people in my line of work, but here was one of the guys that inspired me to stand up and be funny. I squeaked out a hi, he snickered at me in return and was off.

The world will be a lesser place without him.

With that,

GOooOOOOoooooOOOOooodbyyyeeeeee Viiieeetnaaaaaaaam




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