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Richie T Interviews Nick Hexum of 311 Richie T |
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Richie T Interviews Nick Hexum of 311

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Nick Hexum of 311

Any new music on the way?
We are exited we have a whole new batch of songs written and pre-produced, thirteen of them done. As soon as we get home we're gonna record them for real and put out a new album in time for 311 day next spring.

Will you ever release the pre-produced version of songs to the public?
Yeah there's definately talk of having a box-set with unreleased demos and pre-produced things and what not. So, maybe one day!

What's the best thing about the last twenty-three years as a band?
Just the shows and the connections, to hear what our band means to people; how it's kind of like a way of living, like a philosophy. Our fans that really are a special thing that transcends just a career in showbiz. It's kinda like a movement.

What's the Nick Hexum Quartet?
It's side-project. It started as kind of a instrumental jam band, and then we just started making lyrics for them too, and they turned into funky-jazzy-pop songs. For me it's exciting to have an experience of me being a band leader and hiring musicians and having my say in how I want everything to be, where as 311 is more of a democracy. We have a record coming out on October 1st.

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