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Richie T Interviews Burt Ward, Robin from the Batman TV Series! Richie T |
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Richie T Interviews Burt Ward, Robin from the Batman TV Series!

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Burt Ward

The original Robin from the TV series “Batman and Robin”

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Salt Lake Fans are Crazy

So are Batman and Robin! We love to meet people, we have a great time. So many generations have seen Batman. People come with their kids, and the parents are just more excited, if not more excited than the kids are.

What’s the most often asked question?

Questions about Batman the series, and also because my wife and I operate the largest giant breed dog rescue in the world, people who have dogs come up and ask us questions about dogs.

What’s #1 dog question people ask?

They ask me “I love my dog, how can I keep my dog living into his 20s?” This is what we’ve accomplished. We have dogs living into their late teens and twenties. We have a way of feeding them a special food. It’s kind of sad, people do the best they can, they just don’t know about what we’ve created. By the time the dog is 8 or 9 they’re on their last legs so to speak. Our dogs are running around like puppies in their twenties.

Where can people find out more?

They can come and see me at the show. Go to our website www.gentlegiantsrescue.com , this is all for charity. They can read about our rescue, how we’ve rescued 14,600 dogs in the past 19 years. We’ve developed a program to help dogs live into the teens and twenties. Our dogs are so healthy they don’t need to go to the vet. We get to keep our dogs into their twenties.

What’s the #1 Batman question?

If I’m out making an appearance without Adam, It’s “Where’s Adam”, but when we’re together it’s “How did you like riding in the bat mobile?” or “How do you climb straight up the sides of those buildings?” I tell them “very carefully”. They have all kinds of questions, and it’s funny. Kids will ask amazing questions that you’d never think they could come up with.

How do you feel about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman?

Ben Affleck is a fine actor, a talented guy, and I’m sure he’s going to do his very best. I think everyone should give him a chance, I don’t think anyone should have any preconceived ideas. But to be honest with you, in my opinion there’s really only one Batman, and that’s Adam West; there’s no one that can play Batman better.

Do you have any favorite one liners?

I had a lot of zany things “holy this” and “holy that” there was actually 378 of them. Some of them were very apropos to the situation and others were kind of crazy. I don’t have a favorite, because I had to do so many of them and we had the other things that were so funny. At the time parents didn’t have kids who were as respectful as Dick Grayson was to Bruce Wayne. No kid would ever tell their parents they were right. The kids took it as serious hero worship, the Adults liked the nostalgia from the comic books they grew up reading. Teenagers and college kids, they loved the double entendre and insinuations. At the time we had the censors every week complaining that we’d done something we shouldn’t have done. It was a whole different world compared to today’s tv.

What do you most look forward at these events?

I enjoy meeting the people, that’s really fun. As an actor, when it comes to Batman, it’s like a smile comes to their faces and a twinkle in their eye, because they knew that we put on our tights to put on the world.

Are you and Adam remained close over the years?

We’ve always been close friends; of course we have our own lives, and families. I’ve always enjoyed Adams friendship, we laugh, and we have a great time. When you see the panel, you see the things we say to each other, all in good fun, but it is very spicy.

Coming to the Salt Lake Comic Con, and appearing with Adam West Friday Sept 6 and Saturday Sept 7.

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