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Richard Patrick of Filter, Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Richard Patrick of Filter, Interview with Richie T

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Richard Patrick of Filter

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How did Filter start?

Richard: Yeah, I came up with the name while on tour with Nine Inch Nails in 1991. Trent was headed off to sign a record deal while I was headed back to live in my parents basement. Trent told me to go and write a record, so I went and wrote “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, signed to Warner Brothers, and the rest is history.

How did you get to know Trent Reznor?

Richard: He moved to Cleveland from Erie so that he could be in a bigger city as a stepping stone in his career. I got to know him when I was about 17 through his band, The Exotic Birds, and he also worked at a Keyboard and Audio store. He had always wanted to work with me on some level. Shortly after signing his first record deal he invited me to hang out with him. After showing me a few songs he invited me on tour with them.

What advice do you have for young artists?

Richard: If you’re an artist you need to explore what you can do. With our new single, “Surprise”, it’s like the other side of Filter. You have to explore what you can do.


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