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RFH Cocktail of the Week Richie T |
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RFH Cocktail of the Week

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"Cocktail of the Week"

Raspberry Lavender Martini
This week's luscious libation features summer flavors/aromas of lavender and raspberry. For as tasty as it is, this martini is relatively easy to make and sure to please! Enjoy!


   * Vodka - we used unflavored so you could really taste the fresh ingredients and recommend a potato variety

   * Simple syrup (see previous post for herb simple syrup recipe, for this cocktail we recommend either plain or substituting mint for lavender)

   * Raspberries - we used red but blackberries would be delicious too!

   * Lavender - about 1 bunch for a couple rounds of drinks

* Herbed ice cubes

Fill your shaker with your lavender herbed ice cubes (see below), add 3 parts vodka, 1 part simple syrup, and a small handful of raspberries. Shake the shit out of it. Drink pours a beautiful frothy dark pink color. Add a sprig of lavender or lavender flowers as garnish.


"Herbed Ice Cubes"

This can be as simple or as tedious as you make it, but is one of those little touches that turns an ok cocktail to an amazing one! For BEST results (i.e.: crystal clear cubes) bring some water to a boil, let it cool, fill the ice cube trays half way and freeze. Wash your herbs, place in tray and fill the cube tray up the rest of the way with your boiled water and freeze again. We would recommend this way if you are using the cubes as a part of the drink (think mint cubes for mojitos). To save some time, or for those of us with less patience, follow the same method with just tap water. The taste will be the same, and if you're just using them in a shaker this way is much quicker. Experiment with herbs! We love using mint, basils, lavender, lemon verbena, and even thyme!




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