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Random Sundance notes Kerry Jackson |
01/20/2012 | Filed In:

Random Sundance notes

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Weve tried to ask every filmmaker/actor if they have seen the new Mission Impossible movie. So far everyone has laughed and taken it in the correct spirit. Except for this brit Christain Cooke. He seemed confused and/or peeved. I couldn’t tell…I mean…he IS british after all.

Meeting Tim & Eric was neat for me. And the first time I have ever brought something up to be autographed. My ‘Great Job’ visor. 

12 bucks for a lemonade and a sandwich. Is this the ‘gouge the Hollywood elites’ prices, or are the always that expensive? Better be damn good.

Took a walk and saw a guy who looked like every Russian spy from every James Bond movie ever. Locals will see us and shout “Hey Kerry, Bill, Gina!” and we wave at them. The people wearing Sundance swag look at us and wonder ‘are they somebody?’.

When in a crowded area shout celebrity names and see who turns to look. Plus its fun to shout Benedict Cumberbatch.

Just got a blank stare from an American director regarding Mission Impossible. So its not JUST the brit.
Yeah…that sandwich? Not a 9 dollar sandwich. 3 bucks tops.


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