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Pepper Interviews Richie T! Richie T |
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Pepper Interviews Richie T!

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Pepper Interviews Richie T

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Richie’s Wife

Richie: I’m thankful my wife hasn’t arrived at the Big Ass Show yet, because she would not be leaving with me, she’d be finding her way to the Pepper bus.

Pepper: Send your wife over to the tent, we want her to see the show, we want to make sure she gets good quality entertainment that’s what we’re interested in.

Things you don’t want a band to say to you…

60 seconds into the interview and Richie has offered up his wife for favors to a band.

The best gift a man can give, thank you.

F’in Around

Richie: It’s F’in Around, then it’s Messin Around now what?

Pepper: Utahin’ Around, Salt Lakein’ Around, eventually we’ll do one for every state. Coloradoin Around, Floridain’ Around, New Yorkin’ Around… We’re basically a full service band.


Pepper: So this is the 18th Big Ass? Congratulations. Thanks for having us out here, to do the 18th.

Good looking Ladies Here

Pepper: There are a lot of good looking ladies here.

Richie: We do that for you.

Pepper: Thank you, you have them flown in?

Richie: From Provo, they’re local, we keep them local.

Pepper: The best thing is boys, it’s the 18th show so they’re legal, your show’s an adult now! You’re ready for us.

Richie: Yeah wait till we turn 21.

Pepper: We’re coming back for that one!

Listen Here 


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