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New(ish) Geekshow Episode! Kerry Jackson |
11/07/2013 | Filed In:

New(ish) Geekshow Episode!

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(NSFW!) Enders Game review. XmenDOFP. Thor2 already a hit. Thor2/SHIELD tie in! 5mins o’ Cap2. Avengers 2 casting. Mandarin returns. SW7 news. Walking Dead. Strecth Armstrong. Peter Dinklage. Hellraiser reboot. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Avengers for Japan only. Cap trailer. Ant Man is a heist movie. COD:Ghosts. Hobbit. The Right Stuff. Scrooged. Bad Santa. Under the Dome. Farscape. Why IS Duck Dynasty? Who hates Seinfeld?! I mean seriously?! More.


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