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New geekshowpodcast.com has Time Cramps! Kerry Jackson |
06/11/2012 | Filed In:

New geekshowpodcast.com has Time Cramps!

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Extra long! E3 coverage special at the end of the episode! (NSFW!)Basement: Time Travel movies:our list is better than yours. CBGB the movie. Broken News: Spartacus:cancelled. Scream the TV show? Justice League movie? Iron Man 3 not featuring Iron Patriot. Sam Jackson is in Robocop. Cap 2 has 2 directors? Thor 2 recasting. Your new Herman Munster is who?! WWZ is so bad:report. Brittany loves Halo! Basement: Your letters for the panelists! Sherlock Holmes. Ghost Rider. Super vs The Elite. Clean Flix. Spidey trilogy. Meatballs! Red Scorpion. Report: E3 had Jimmy Martin all over it!

Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) geekshowpodcast.com. That download button up there ^ will give you many options to receive. I’m told were back on itunes (search one ord: geekshow). Subscribe and review if you can, plz! If you’ve got an X96 app on yer iphone and it works, we might be in the podcast section. Join our facebook and/or twitter. TV: Comcast Channel One/Utah on demand/SLC Alternative.

HUGE!: Were now on stitcher!! Kerry prefers it over all others methods. Up there ^ in the downloads bar is where to get it. LISSEN!! If you already have stitcher search GEEKSHOW (one word) under entertainment/scifi. We know that works


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