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New Geek Show's tatto is now irrelevant! Kerry Jackson |
04/18/2012 | Filed In:

New Geek Show's tatto is now irrelevant!

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While our usual delivery systems are 'in flux', get the new episode here: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/www.thegeekshowpodcast.com/podcast/episodes/041612.mp3

Basement: (NSFW!) Neeson is in TDKR. Pixar’s Brave. Avengers: no more trailers plz. Prometheus. Superman’s S? Kleenex babies. Gay Superman?

Broken news: (NSFW!) Cabin in the Woods review. Wanna direct Hunger games 2? Iron Man 3. Disney/Marvel movie? Cap 2. Man of Steel. Game of Thrones season 3. Ender’s Game. American Horror Story season 2.

Basement: (NSFW!) the nurse is stealing from me! The Alzheimer’s game! Bite yer beefnickle. Back to the Future. Twin Peaks. Jurassic Park. MI:4. The Divide. Treme’. Bob’s Burgers. Superhero Squad. House of the dead 4. The Witcher 2. Thrilling Adventure Hour! Luck. Once you go Inuit……


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