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Trent Reznor Finishes "GWTHDT" Score and Collabs With Karen O Corey O'Brien | Evenings / Music Director
12/01/2011 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=NIN">NIN | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Nine Inch Nails">Nine Inch Nails | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=David Fincher">David Fincher | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Girl With the Dragon Tattoo">Girl With the Dragon Tattoo | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Corey O'Brien">Corey O'Brien | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Karen O">Karen O | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Trent Reznor">Trent Reznor | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Yeah Yeah Yeahs">Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Trent Reznor Finishes

From nin.com:

For the last fourteen months Atticus and I have been hard at work on David Fincher’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. We laughed, we cried, we lost our minds and in the process made some of the most beautiful and disturbing music of our careers. The result is a sprawling three-hour opus that I am happy to announce is available for pre-order right now for as low as $11.99. The full release will be available in one week - December 9th.

You have two options right now:

VIsit iTunes here where you can immediately download Karen O’s and our version of Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song” when you pre-order the soundtrack for $11.99. You will also be able to exclusively watch the legendary 8-minute trailer you may have heard about (no purchase necessary obviously). We scored this trailer separately from the film, BTW.


Visit our store here. We’re offering a variety of purchasing options including multiple format high-quality digital files, CDs and a really nice limited edition deluxe package containing vinyl and a flash drive. In addition, RIGHT NOW you can download a six-track, 35 minute sampler with no purchase necessary.

Or… Live the dream and visit both! Atticus and I are very proud of the film and our work, we hope you enjoy.

Best, TR

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens 12/21 in the US.



Nine Inch Nails, Jack White and Depeche Mode Cover U2 (with sound!) Corey O'Brien | Evenings / Music Director
10/25/2011 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Nine Inch Nails">Nine Inch Nails | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=NIN">NIN | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=U2">U2 | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Depeche Mode">Depeche Mode | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Cover">Cover | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=cover songs">cover songs | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=The Killers">The Killers | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Jack White">Jack White | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Achtung Baby">Achtung Baby

Nine Inch Nails, Jack White and Depeche Mode Cover U2 (with sound!)

From Pitchfork Media:

"As previously reported, today Q Magazine releases a compilation titled AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered, paying tribute to U2's Achtung Baby, as part of the record's 20th anniversary festivities. We've already heard Jack White's cover of "Love is Blindness". Consequence of Sound has streams of Nine Inch Nails doing "Zoo Station", Depeche Mode doing "So Cruel", and the Killers doing "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)". Check out all of the tracks here."


Original link here.


Nine Inch Nails, Back In The Day Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/09/2011 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Nine Inch Nails">Nine Inch Nails | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=MTV">MTV | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Trent Reznor">Trent Reznor

Nine Inch Nails, Back In The Day

It was on this date (9/9/99) that Nine Inch Nails did their first ever televised award show performance. It was on the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Although Trent has said that Nine Inch Nails is on hiatus from touring, he recently revealed that some new music is likely on the way. We can only hope.



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