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Meet The Band Bad Suns Richie T |
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Meet The Band Bad Suns

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Bad Suns

All four of the guys from L.A. band Bad Suns - Ray, Gavin, Christo, and Miles - met up with Richie T in a claustrophobic back room stacked to the brim with VHS tapes at Kilby Court to update us on their latest tour. They tell us about what they like to do when they get spare time, the Zia symbol that is their band logo, and what part of the body they wash first in the shower...


--- What they’ve learned from touring ---

Christo: It changes your whole perspective because especially us, we’re all a bunch of people with big aspirations so you’re constantly thinking, “Man, I wonder what the future holds.” And to an extent, well to a big extent, that’s always going to still be there, but it’s been kind of interesting to go from that completely to be able to see the progression that you make and have that written down on paper. There’s a lot of variables that come with that that you can’t always foresee. So it’s kind of been interesting for us just to realize that you can’t really ever know what to expect I think. ‘Cuz you can show up to a place, you’re not really sure what’s gonna happen. If you have the biggest expectations, you can be let down a lot of times. If you kinda keep yourself reserved and show up, and the night ends up being magical, it’s the best feeling in the world. And then there’s a part of you that wishes that you would’ve known that the whole day before because the whole day would’ve been easier ‘cuz you’re just like sweating and worrying about it. So really we’ve learned basically not to worry so much and to just go with it. That seems to work.

--- Musician Peers ---

One of the things I appreciate is – what Gavin was saying – is when you’re on these festivals with these bigger bands, and you kind of realize that everyone in their own way is in the same circuit of playing shows, and everyone has the same job basically. It’s art, so it’s very subjective and it’s very different, and everyone’s making different art. But even the moments where we’re walking backstage and the guys from Phantogram walk by and say, “Hey! How’s it going?” and they’re very polite. You realize in those moments, yeah they get it. We’re all here, we’re all doing this. That’s the cool thing.

--- Choosing Singles ---

The singles thing is interesting. People always ask, “Did you know it was a hit when you wrote it?” And it’s like, “No.” We don’t really think about our songs like that. We try to give each song equal treatment in very different ways…We just like to write songs as songs and whatever happens from there, cool.

--- The Zia Symbol Logo ---

We had just come up with the name Bad Suns not too long ago and I was just browsing the internet, looking at images that were things that were related to the sun because we wanted to have an image that was attached to the band. We saw that [The Zia Symbol], looked in to it, read about it, really liked what it was all about. Kind of felt like – there were a few other things too – felt like that one really stuck out to us, and it made sense. Like you said, the focus on the number four: the four seasons, the four stages of life, the four parts of a day – all of that stuff. The four points on a compass. The fact that this band – the number four is so integral because of how important each person’s role is – it just made sense. And you know, we altered it a little bit; we just think it’s cool. People always ask about it.



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