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Listen Local First: Tyler Linton jake | Promotions Director
03/24/2011 | Filed In:

Listen Local First: Tyler Linton

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Tonght on Listen Local First I am featuring Tyler Linton from Orem. He grew up learning to play guitar by watching his other brother and plays "Drums, Base, Piano, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, and Harmonica" according to his sister who sent in his submission (come on Ty, don't let your sis do all the heavy lifting - ha). Tyler has not played any venues in Salt Lake yet but is looking for a job up here so he can move up and start performing so hit him up if you are hiring.

It is probably easiest to compare Ty's style to Dashboard Confessional with a little Death Cab for Cutie thrown in but he has a great ear and I was not only caught by his songs but his production sounded great too. Go here is Tyler performing from his bedroom: Tyler Linton's Youtube Channel.

Download the song I played from Tyler Linton here: Tyler Linton "Just Take Me"

Enjoy, Corey

P.S. Coming up next week I am going to blog with some advice to local bands on getting your name out there and how to take advantage of social media to get your music heard by more people.


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