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Kill The Bit

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Radio From Hell is going to kill one of our bits from the show. That means that it will never come back. Caput. But we are leaving it up to you to decide which one it should be. Here is a list of the bits up for "Killing":

Title IX Sports with Amy Donaldson (Mondays at 6:45am)

Skinny Johnny Mitchell Presents Battle of the Records (Mondays at 7am)

TV Report with Bill Frost (Mondays at 8am)

Jake of the Web featuring Chris Matern (Tuesdays at 6:45am)

Our Son Kyle Brown (Tues at 7am)

Den of Lies (Tuesdays at 8am)

Best Friend of the Program Interview (Wed around 620:am) 

Your List of Things That Must Go (Wed at 6:45 and 8:45am)

Our List of Things That Must Go (Wed at 6:45 and 8:45am)

Ask A…(Thursdays at 8am)

Movie Reviews with Jeff Michael Vice (Thursdays at 9am)

Painful Circle with Wade Taylor (Fridays at 8am)

Painful Circle with Sister Dottie Dixon (Fridays at 8am)

Painful Circle with Margaret Ruth (Fridays at 8am)

Painful Circle with Dr. Sam Goldstein (Fridays at 8am)

Hello? Yeah? What? (Whenever we feel like it)

Conservative Chat With Dave Owen (First Tuesday of the Month)


To vote for the bit that you would like killed send an email to KillTheBit@hotmail.com and put the bit that you would like killed in the subject line.


Happy Chopping!


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