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Judas Priest Interview with Meet The Bands Richie T |
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Judas Priest Interview with Meet The Bands

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You wanna hear the latest on Judas Priest's new album, Redeemer of Souls ? Well, I interviewed The Priest earlier on this week for Meet The Bands. I'm psyched that this interview scored me cool points with my kid. I'll tell ya though, The Priest has not lost their "essence" as they would put it. Not one bit. Check out the full interview HERE, and read a clip of it below. 

The Writing Process for the latest album:

We do it how we’ve always done it, we spend a lot of time by ourselves putting some ideas together or putting lyrics down, Richie puts some lyrics down and ideas, so do I, and then we get together and it’s quite exciting because as we drive to the studio or one of our houses where we’re going to spend the afternoon putting songs together, you know classic new Priest songs are going to emerge from that afternoon. Suddenly the room will light up and suddenly we’ve got a new Judas Priest song. That’s the way we’ve always worked and I think it’s the way that we always will work.


Tickets for their show at the Maverik Center (November 18) go on sale Friday, June 11 @ 10 AM local time.

Get tickets HERE!


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