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I got crap on my shirt at lunch. Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/15/2011 | Filed In: Todd Nuke 'Em | Boofy | Kmart | shirt

I got crap on my shirt at lunch.

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I don't want you to ever assume that I am a cool guy. Yes, I have a cool job--there is no question about that. But as a person, I'm just a nerd. And I can prove it. Today at lunch, I went to meet my lovely wife Boofy at her new office. We slipped away and went to a restaurant where we ordered our food and enjoyed our meal. I started out the day wearing a yellow T-shirt (to match the yellow shoes I'm wearing, of course). During the course of the meal I somehow managed not to spill anything on me. This in itself is somewhat of a significant accomplishment. As we stood up to go, I noticed that there was a tremendous ketchup and (hopefully) chocolate smudge all over my shirt.

It was from the edge of the table and I must have leaned my chest against it while eating. There was no way that I could clean this off in the restroom, and I didn't want to run around all day with this mess on my shirt.

Kmart to the rescue!

Fortunately, there is a Kmart next to my wife's new office, and I spent $9 on a shirt that is actually quite cool! I have to admit, this Kmart shirt is damn sexy. cheeky

And that is the story of my lunchtime adventure.


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