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04/18/2011 | Filed In:

Hot Dog/Hallway

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Broken News: Live radio edition! (this part SFW!) Game of Thrones. American Gods. Superman movie. Klingon vs Wookie? Wonder Woman’s shorts. Smells like Crow. Dark Knight Returns: animated? Build an AT AT…for American pride? Good Omens. Disc world. SIR terry. Spidey is dead, in comics and on Broadway. The Hills have Thighs.
Basement:(NSFW!) A girl? 3 wolves….3! Bobcat and the greatest movie ever. No, wait! Night of the LITTLE Dead. 8 movie theatre rules everyone should follow. Well…maybe 7. Rail Roids. Black Thor speaks. GI Joe 2. Spiderman movie. Geek 101: the Lizard. LGK is gay for Cyclops. The Morrisey of Comic Book Characters. Vegan Rain. Are you big? Marvel/DC. Gods and Monsters. You got a point.
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