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Gluten What?!? Corey O'Brien |
05/08/2014 | Filed In: Jimmy Kimmel | Glutten | Food | Corey O'Brien | Dumb People

Gluten What?!?

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Yes, civilization has flourished on grains.  Bread has made things like toast possible.  Bread has made sandwiches possible.  Bread as made garlic bread possible.  So who are these people who believe bread is the cause of all their ills in life?  Before you say, "savages" I will point out like many other people would, yes, celiac is a real disease, but what about all these people claiming that this gluten thing is causing headaches, aches and bubonic boils (I might be making that last one up)?  What is up with these people, these bread deniers?

Well, from what I have read in Michael Pollen books I can accept that food, minerals, vitamins and the things we consume affect us each differently. A change in diet could really make a person feel better or worse overall. For instance, if I stop drinking beer my round middle section may very well disappear and I would start taking my shirt off at the pool. Hot!

However, people hardly ever know what the hell they are talking about.  If you have a friend that hopped on this wagon and won't stop talking about a gluten-free diet, this segment from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" may put a smile on your face.


-Corey O'Brien


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