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FIDLAR Interview with Richie T Richie T |
09/22/2013 | Filed In:

FIDLAR Interview with Richie T

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Brandon Schwartzel from FIDLAR

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On Partying destroying musicians careers:

It’s definitely something to think about, there’s a lot of great artists that have gotten really messed up because they’ve partied too hard. I think we, given our music is a lot like about partying and drugs and stuff like that but we’re pretty level headed guys. We keep each other pretty- I don’t know we’re all looking out for one another. If anyone’s getting a little too nutty we’ll try to bring them back to earth.

On Whore:

That was one that had been written for a while, and then- there’s a demo of it. We all thought it was a cool song but we never really tried to play it live or we had some trouble just working it into the live show. So it’s just kind of the song that was hanging around for a while and not really sure how to get it to a good spot that it needed to be in. And we just decided to revisit it one time when we were rehearsing and ended up with a new arrangement or new sound… It’s about Nash our drummer got

On Gimme Something:

That one kind of just came where Zac and I lived in Los Angeles kind of East LA Mexican ghetto area? We had a lot of suspect characters in our neighborhood. A lot of crack heads and vagrants. That song is kind of just about- while we were recording our album actually, we were recording it in Zac and I’s house…we had all these guys- this group of guys who would sit right in front of our door and ask for stuff. They’d be like Hey you have a dollar? You know like pan handlers and whatever, homeless people. It just got to the point where it was like- dude you’ve got to move like I can’t walk in my house if you guys are sitting right in front of my door. So that song is just kind of about that feeling like: hey give me something or just give me anything I need something right now.

On the name:

It’s an acronym for F**k it dog, life’s a risk.

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