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Dan Farr (Comic Con) Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Dan Farr (Comic Con) Interview with Richie T

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Dan Farr

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What to expect From salt lake Comic con?

Exhibitors, people selling T-shirts, Movie Memorabilia or Collectibles or comic books, all sorts of just fun pop culture oriented products. Another exhibitor that we have there is Weta Workshop out of New Zealand and there the group that had one of the most spectacular booth in san Diego comic con, there actually bringing that exact same booth here they call the middle earth booth which is basically patterned after the sets they created for the Hobbit and the Lord of the rings.

Celebrities! who will be there?

You know what's funny is that every time we announce somebody there's a group of people that say ok now I'm coming to comic con you know its like with new celebrities comes a tipping point. I'd say every Guest has a following we're talking about people like Ray Park from Star Wars he was Darth Maul, Adam West and Burt Ward the original Batman and Robin, David Prowse who was Darth Vader, Peter Mayhew who was Chewbacca in star wars, we have Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict both of them where on the A- team together. Then Dirk Benedict was on Battlestar Galactica.

Who does Dan Farr Want to meet comic con most?

I must be a nerd for everyone, I don't know its kind of weird, I know that's Kind of a weak answer. For a good question I've met many of them at other events and just seeming them again is really fun for me, you know Kevin Sorbo was a lot of fun, Adrian Paul I just briefly met him before I look forward to getting to talk to him a little more, Brian Krause was really fun, Brian Krause was in the series Charmed and he just recently when I talked to him at a previous comic con he had mentioned that he just filming a movie here in Utah so he's coming back His movie is a Christmas movie and its Christmas season so its nice to have him circle back around, Tia Carrere is a lot of fun. Boy all of them are exciting for me to meet.

Do you want to go to Comic Con? Tickets and info!

Here's the thing is the people who would buy like a Saturday only I think that they're going to get there and realize they're going to wish they had a few more days and its going to be to late to get more. But you do have an opportunity to buy up to a three day pass which is 50 dollars, than we have the VIP pass which allows People at 150 dollars it actually gives them a free autograph with some of the different guests that they can choose from it gets them an opportunity to do a photo op, either-or you can do the autograph or the photo op, they also get expedited line service and that's going to be really important at comic con with number of people coming there's going to be pretty long to meet some of the celebrities so if you have a VIP pass its going to help you get in kinda like the fast pass at Disneyland.

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