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RFH NSFW from Squatters


The Radio From Hell NSFW Bonus Podcast: very likely the one episode to rule them all. Meat loaf, food service mishaps and Gina dropping the mother of all swear words all within the first 10 minutes...then tossing it around more than Joe Pesci in 'Goodfellas.'

It's Radio From Hell as the FCC won't allow on public airwaves. 

Bill chats about the time he and "Alan the Nudist" pretended to be gay in Walmart. Criteria is established for when Gina is allowed to die. Kerry reveals the secret to successfully inserting drops into the show and Radio From Hell's fun-loving, Mormon producer, Richie, shares his story of when his kid first dropped the F-Bomb in front of him.

Radio From Hell unleashed!

And thanks to Squatters for hosting.



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