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Comedian Jim Breuer, Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Comedian Jim Breuer, Interview with Richie T

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Jim Breuer



It seems like Gotham Comedy LIVE is a really raw, live, taped comedy.

You nailed it on the butt. It’s 100% LIVE. So when you’re watching every Thursday night at 10 EST, it’s live. So what you’re watching is happening as you’re watching it. There’s a look and a feel to Access that makes you feel like you’re there. That’s what Gotham Comedy LIVE is. You feel like you’re in the room.

It’s really like they give you full access to the comedians. Is there a lot of improv to the show?

I actually improved my whole 9 minutes. I literally didn’t know what I was going to do until about a minute before I took the stage. I wasn’t nervous, but it was like, I’m going on TV and I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. But I went up there, it went phenomenal, it went great.

Does Gotham Comedy LIVE showcase new comics, regular comics or both?

It’s a mix of both. Last night I brought on the comic that has been opening for me on tour this last year. It was actually his first TV appearance. As the season goes, if I see guys on the road that need a TV spot, I would love to give them that shot. But we’ve had guys from Saturday Night Live, and guys just getting their start. 


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