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Capital Cities Interview with Todd Nukem Richie T |
08/29/2013 | Filed In:

Capital Cities Interview with Todd Nukem

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Capital Cities

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Coming Together:

We started the band in 2010 and let out the song Safe and Sound in 2011, it was all DIY, all independent and very under the radar. It grew, grew, grew, and the US picked it up later, our music kinda worked in South America, Indonesia, Germany and other places until the US kinda picked it up and of course we partnered up with Capital Records last year and its been a beautiful journey.

Live Shows:

We're kinda unique, we have two lead singers because we were both lead singers in other bands. So it creates this interesting hybrid voice, its a unique signature sound that we have developed.

What's Next:

We're doing a lot of touring a lot of shows. And were loving the opportunity to travel and do shows, and experiencing the culture. It's and educational experience and we're enjoying it right now. We'll be back to do a full on US tour in October with Fits and the Tantrums.

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