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Cage the Elephant Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Cage the Elephant Interview with Richie T

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Cage the Elephant Overview

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Sleeper Agent is also from Bowling Green KY. We don’t like to talk about our hometown… dark shadows from the past… We abandon where we were from, that place just drags us down… No, actually. We went to the same high school, we knew Daniel from when we were kids, and then Lincoln used to hit us up on Myspace when Myspace was a thing and it was a perfect fit. He was only 15 years old when it happened, and 6 months later we moved to England. His parents had to sign over Guardianship, we were his legal guardians. It was perfect musically and friendship wise. A lot of good bands come out of KY, I think coming from a small town there’s not a lot else to do.

Band Names:

Matt, Brad and Jared had a band in High School. We were called “Perfect Confusion” The most High School band name you can have. We were trying to come up with a trippy name, we actually wrote down a list of names and passed it around our class and had our friends vote, on the most Psychedelic names. We were really trying to be hippy, we were saving the world and all that stuff. It was all politically based.

On Daniel:

Can’t leave out Daniel’s introduction, we call him Tich. One day he showed up to the rehearsal after our bass player quit, with a bass amp and a bass guitar and was like “Can I join your band?”. He had a chance to be in our band in High School but he was too cool… Mr. Senior. When Tich first got in the band he was like “I’m not gonna be in a band with a 15 year old!” Yeah, he changed his ways. When he started playing it was all good after that. This kid has the heart of a 29 yr old…

On Age Range:

29, 30, 33, 23, Pretty big gap. It freaked me out the first time Lincoln told me what year he was born. 1990, what?! I remember 1990 when Fleer Baseball cards came out.

On England:

It seemed like this rock and roll utopia across the sea. All of our heroes started out there, like Jimi Hendrix. We were like “let’s go over there and do that!” It took us about a year to get going. We sat around our flat for like 6 months, we’d go out on little 3 or 4 day stints and then come back to our flat and be stuck there for a week. It was really weird, they’d put us on the outskirts of London so we wouldn’t get in too much trouble. We just brought the trouble to us, we did a lot of things I’m not proud of.

On Making It:

It happened live for us, here we had a great response to radio, but in England it came in live shows. We jumped on a bunch of tours and we toured pretty solid for 2 years. The shows just started to grow more and more. I remember sitting on the bus in England just thinking “I don’t think It’s going to do anything in the States guys…” In England if you weren’t an angular guitar, dance-y, new wave type band, you weren’t in the in crowd. There were very few punk bands we managed to make friends with a couple. We actually tried to convince our label to let us skip the 1st album in the states, but they were like “trust us”. We came back over here and it was just an explosion. While we were in England we saw a lot of garage punk rock and roll bands kind of come up it was cool.

After the Tour:

Salt Lake is the last show we’re doing with Muse. We have a new record coming out October 8th, Melophobia. From here on we’ll be doing spot gigs and promos and stuff, when the New Year kicks in we’ll be doing headline tour. Hopefully staying busy.

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