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BONERS: Selfies, Clavicles, and Bigoted Police Richie T |
06/09/2014 | Filed In:

BONERS: Selfies, Clavicles, and Bigoted Police

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Recap for Boner of the Day (Monday, June 9, 2014). Three news stories - examples of bad, stupid, or funny human behavior. You decide with your vote who is the worst, most deserving, of the award no one wants to win: the Boner of the Day. Boner: it means mistake.

Boner #1 - I take them because i'm pretty

During the Q&A round of tonight's Miss USA pageant, Carlyn Bradarich, Miss Iowa, responded to a question about whether or not it's true that young people are too obsessed with social media. Bradarich said yes, "the youth" does enjoy taking a lot of selfies all the time, and that makes us all narcissistic, which is bad. At least, she seems to think so? But look at this: Carlyn likes a good selfie just like the rest of us! (Full story here)

Boner #2 - My clavicle was covered

A reporter had to sport a winter jacket after she was barred from a Utah courthouse for wearing a sleeveless blouse. (Full story here)

Boner Candidate #3 - I don't trust myself around those people

A Salt Lake City police officer has been put on leave due to allegations that he refused to work at this weekend’s Utah Pride Parade. (Full story here)

WINNER: Boner Candidate #3 - I don't trust myself around those people


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