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BONERS: It's Not Rape If Emotions Are Involved... Right? Richie T |
06/03/2014 | Filed In: Boner | Health Care | Roosevelt | Duke | Rape

BONERS: It's Not Rape If Emotions Are Involved... Right?

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Recap for Boner of the Day (Tuesday June 3, 2014). 3 news stories -- examples of bad, stupid, or funny human behavior. You will decide with your vote who is the worst, most deserving, of the award no one wants to win: the Boner of the Day. Boner: it means mistake.

Boner Candidate #1 – Another Example of Why We Need A National Health Care System

Florida Insurers Accused Of Discriminating Against People With HIV. Two health organizations filed a complaint with federal health officials Thursday alleging some Florida insurance companies are violating the Affordable Care Act by structuring their insurance plans in a way that discourage consumers with HIV and AIDS from choosing those plans.

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Boner Candidate #2 – Don’t You Know Who I Am?

Man claiming to be Teddy Roosevelt's relative banned from Bluffton hotel.
A Florida man claiming to be the descendant of a U.S. president was banned from a Bluffton hotel last week after he threatened to hit the manager.

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Boner Candidate #3 – It Wasn’t Rape – She Got Emotional

Duke Student Sues For Diploma After He's Expelled for Sexual Assault. A senior at Duke University who was banned from graduating after a school panel found him responsible for raping an "emotional" classmate has filed suit to get his degree so he can accept a "prestigious position" offered to him by a firm on Wall Street.

Lewis McLeod, a psychology major from Australia, says that, without his degree, his entire future is on hold.
According to the motion filed by Schwartz & Shaw of Raleigh, McLeod took a female Duke student back to his home on Nov. 14. McLeod alleges their sex was consensual and that the woman "got emotional" and began to cry.

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It was a close contest today with the boners. Usually there is a clear-cut winner, but not today! Boner #3 “It Wasn’t Rape – She Got Emotional” won by ONE vote for the “coveted” Boner of the Day Award.


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