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Boner of the Week Richie T |
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Boner of the Week

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June 2 - June 6

Monday - Gay Stamps, who knows who licked 'em
The American Family Association, a fundamentalist Christian group, has shared a press release with its members urging them to refuse any mail that arrives with Harvey Milk's likeness. (Full story here)

Tuesday – It wasn’t rape – she got emotional
A senior at Duke University who was banned from graduating after a school panel found him responsible for raping an "emotional" classmate has filed suit to get his degree so he can accept a "prestigious position" offered to him by a firm on Wall Street. (Full story here)

Wednesday - Pedophile priest off duty
The Catholic diocese of Trenton, New Jersey says it wasn't responsible for a teenage boy's molestation because the priest was 'off duty' at the time of the abuse. (Full story here)

Friday - You're a member of team No Hoes
A Cincinnati woman diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease is suing her hospital after its staff allegedly posted her medical records on a Facebook page called, "Team No Hoes." (Full story here)



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