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The New Final Fantasy Game and Why I Hate It Before I've Played It Corey O'Brien |
09/23/2014 | Filed In: Final Fantasy | XBox | Playstation | Video Games | Gaming | Nerd | Geek | Cosplay

The New Final Fantasy Game and Why I Hate It Before I've Played It

I remember sitting for hours and hour playing Final Fantasy II. That's right, I said part two.  Do you know why I could sit and play Final Fantasy II for hours and hours? Because you could actually play it. It was a game, with objectives. 

So, my gripe: jumping a full generation ahead we have the first peek at Final Fantasy XV. Like many before it and many after Final Fantasy III there isn't as much gaming. Sure, you can put in forty, eighty or more hours on per new volume, but after playing the last few editions I felt I was watching a movie and not playing a game. I was being lulled into submission and passivity rather than the active passivity I achieve from playing most games, watching "Transformers" movies or writing blogs while sending emails while watching "Transformers" movies at 10:30p. What went wrong with this once great gaming franchise?

You may disagree with the last paragraph but when "game" gets removed from "video game" we have left the fun dome. Yeah, the Fun Dome is gone, too. Though I hear kids are getting educated there, which is probably better than what I got from my time spent there: mini golf, roller skating and batting cages. It's why I am a radio guy and not lawyer.

The trailer looks amazing but if every 5 minutes of gameplay is interrupted with over-indulgent clips, well, I just cant hang. I guess we will wait and see.

You decide:



"bad_news" from Bastille! Richie T |
08/20/2014 | Filed In: bastille | oblivion | video | dan smith | bad news |

Good news from Bastille! The British band that has skyrocketed to worldwide success in the past year has just released the video for their new single, “bad_news”, which will be available on their Oblivion EP (out for pre-order next week). Dan Smith says they made the song in a matter of days only a few weeks ago and that more new music is on its way as well.

Though “bad_news” is more electronic than expected, it still sounds relatively unworked and casual. Dan ventures into his lower vocal range supported by a slinky bass/synth line, electronic drums, eerie background vocals, and various sound effects that lend atmosphere and depth to the track.

Bastille has always had a flair for the cinematic and macabre in their music, artwork, and especially in their videos. The "bad_news" video is less linear in storyline than their usual, featuring short gif-like clips from old black and white films and cartoons. Sinister images of clown faces, policemen, schoolchildren (and tons more) are spliced in between fuzzy slow-motion footage of Dan walking a dimly lit corridor. Near the end of the video emerges the single’s cover art: road lines (reminiscent of the Bad Blood album cover) overlaid on a low quality image of Dan in the dank hallway.

Watch the video and let us know what your favorite clip is. I’m partial to the rando with the ‘stache creepily eating popcorn at 3:50.

Look forward to new music from Bastille in the coming months, and be certain to see these gents on tour this fall! Tickets for their UCCU Center, Orem show availabile HERE at SmithsTix.com

Sydne Wheeler Larsen


Jack White Hates Glass Likes Explosions in New Vid for Lazaretto Corey O'Brien |
06/04/2014 | Filed In: Jack White | Lazaretto | Music Video

Jack White Hates Glass Likes Explosions in New Vid for Lazaretto

One more week. Then I can break out my expensive Sennheisers, the ones reserved for the truly special albums. I'll then lounge in my listenin' chair to the new Jack White album.  Of course, it is streaming on iTunes (here), but some things need to be experienced in the best of circumstances in a controlled environment.

So flip this up to 1080p and enjoy the visuals:


New Black Keys Song/Video "Lonely Boy" Corey O'Brien | Evenings / Music Director
10/26/2011 | Filed In: Black Keys | Corey | Lonely Boy | new music | music video | dance | hi-def | hi def | def hi

New Black Keys Song/Video

I am going to attempt to make my own version of this video today. I just need to find the right location and the right motel office in Salt Lake to stand in front of. I suggest you do the same and send it to me. Make sure you watch this full screen in 1080p and dance to it.


Interactive Peppers video 'Look Aound' Marci |
| Filed In: RHCP | Peppers | video | The Red Hot Chili Peppers | music | rock | look around

Interactive Peppers video 'Look Aound'



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