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Stop Stealing from X96 Richie T |
06/28/2012 | Filed In: stealing | theft | radio from hell | x96 | peoples portable garden

Stop Stealing from X96

"The Case of the Missing Garlic"

   As you may have heard on our last appearance on the "Radio From Hell" show, we have been victims of a garlic theft. First, they took one as you can see here. We had 5 total.

   Then the bastard got brazen and came back for the rest of them! There are two things that really get me about this whole garlic heist...no actually three things. One: The clown didn't even take them when they were ready. Harvest was more than a month away. Two: Stealing from a community garden. That's just low. I mean, that's like taking from Goodwill. Lastly, and maybe even mostly, I know whoever took garlic was not a starving individual. You don't fill up on garlic. All I can hope is this person had a serious vampire problem going on and just felt like they had nowhere else to turn; even if it's the meth delusions causing the hallucinations. After reaching out to our fellow gardeners, we quickly realized that we were not the only plot to have things taken. Various other plots have had lettuce, broccoli, and basil taken. Our garden coordinator Britt Merrill was amazing during this time, making laminated signs for the garden gates describing a community garden space and that it's not appropriate to take from them at your own will. She also provided names and addresses of some nearby food banks. Though of course it's super lame to have things taken from a garden, we've been impressed with the communication and banning together of the garden members. The gardeners of Wasatch Community Garden's "People's Portable Garden" really do have a strong sense of community and that's really what these gardens are all about.



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