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Utah Band, Fictionist, Set To Release Record, Debut New Video Corey O'Brien |
09/30/2014 | Filed In: Fictionist | Salt Lake City | Devin Supertramp | Live and Local | CMJ

Utah Band, Fictionist, Set To Release Record, Debut New Video

Utah's own Fictionist are getting to release their new album, "Fictionist" next Tuesday, December 7th. Today, they debuted their video for their song, "Give It Up" on CMJ.

Fictionist songwriter and guitarist Robbie Connolly said about the video, "I asked my look-a-like nephew to play a 20-year-younger me. I wanted the video to feel a bit like the 1980s world I grew up in. We all grew up on stuff like Star Wars, Monty Python, and other VHS effect-heavy classics and we wanted to capture that nostalgic feel."

Connolly continues, "'Give It Up' was written about that looming feeling you have when you're uncertain about how life is going to unfold in front of you. There's an excitement and fear of the future and it's about finding that resolve inside yourself to keep going."

Preorder the album here.

Ficitonist also has their song, "Free Spirit" featured in the latest video from well-known Utah filmmaker, Devin "Super Tramp" Graham.

Make sure you catch Fictionist on the road:

10/03 - Provo, UT @ Rooftop Concert Series (w/ The Blue Aces) 10/17 - Provo, UT @ Velour Live Music Gallery 10/22 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Room - Williamsburg (Big Picture Media Official CMJ Showcase) 10/23 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop (CMJ Music Marathon) 10/25 - New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 (CMJ Music Marathon) 10/25 - New York, NY @ Pete's Candy Store (CMJ Music Marathon) 11/3 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Viper Room 

Here are all the ways to keep up with them:

Website  Facebook  Twitter Instagram YouTube

It's going to be a huge end of the year for these guys. X96 is wishing them luck.


Radio From Hell & Jason David Frank, The Green Ranger Richie T |
09/03/2014 | Filed In: might morphin' power rangers | radio from hell | salt lake city comic con |

Radio From Hell & Jason David Frank, The Green Ranger

Radio From Hell interviews Jason David Frank formerly known as the Green Power Ranger from The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and fighter.


Bill: “Looking at a picture of you and looking at your tattoos, you’ve got lots of them you know from what I can see from looking at your pictures talk about all of that. Talk about all of that a little bit. Why you’ve done it and what they mean to you.”

Jason David Frank: “I was never allowed tattoos on Power Rangers maybe I’ve rebelled a bit.. No, uhh, I just like tattoos you know I have my little girl on my chest and I just like the design you know I’ve started a clothing company so I can tap out Tap Out which is the first Christian clothing line ever which is called Jesus didn’t tap. So, umm you know it’s a Christian company.”

Check out his show My Morphin’ Life.  


The Onion Is Helping Salt Lake City with Tourism Corey O'Brien |
08/21/2014 | Filed In: The Onion | Salt Lake City | Tourism |

The Onion Is Helping Salt Lake City with Tourism

The Onion has taken up the task of helping our fair capital city market our tourism and show off our valley has to offer. Reminding visitors they can, "experience the city on your terms" along with reminding anyone they can leave "anytime." 

The kindly folks at The Onion have even produced this well-shot and thoughtful video that may very well start running on local network affiliates some time this Fall.

What do you think of the new campaign?

Check out the video and enjoy the full story here.

To be honest, we are rather surprised that they didn't pull this song for the soundtrack. Hell, it even features Dexter Holland from The Offspring who just happen to be coming to town later this month.


Meet the Bands: Fall Out Boy Corey O'Brien |
08/18/2014 | Filed In: Fall Out Boy | Monumentor | Jon Smith | Paramore | New Politics | KXRK | X96 | Salt Lake City | Utah | Pete Wentz

Meet the Bands: Fall Out Boy

X96's Jon Smith chats up Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz when the band was in town for the Monumentuor with Paramore and New Politics on August 13, 2014. They discuss weird Utah airport welcomes, mobile gaming and how the tour is going.


The Muppets/Beastie Boys mash up. The best thing you'll see all week. jon | Mid Day
08/14/2014 | Filed In: muppets | beastie boys | what choo want | jon smiht | x96 | salt lake city

The Muppets/Beastie Boys mash up.  The best thing you'll see all week.

Seriously.  The best thing you'll see.  ALL.WEEK.




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