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Richie Interviews Paul Stanley of K.I.S.S Richie T |
09/19/2014 | Filed In: #paulstanley #kiss #richietsteadman

Richie Interviews Paul Stanley of K.I.S.S

"What has surprised you about doing the arena football team, and the television show?" - Richie T

“That it’s not as easy as one might think to have a winning (arena football) team. It’s all great and good to have ideas, concepts, and strategies. But the more people who are involved, the more chance there is of something going wrong. So, to have a team, and a coaching staff, and an executive staff. Having everyone trying to work toward the same end is just not as easy as I’ve, quite honestly hoped. Incredibly exciting and rewarding. It’s challenging and that’s what life’s all about is challenge.” - Paul Stanley 



Richie T. interviews Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island Richie T |
09/18/2014 | Filed In: rfh | richieTsteadman | gilligan's island | dawn wells | mary ann |

Richie T. interviews Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island

Richie T. interviews Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island. 


Richie T: What’s going on for you now Dawn? Dawn Wells: “You look around the world today and we were seven misfits trying to get along, And the world is broader than that but we are all misfits trying to get along...And there’s a different opportunity for each culture and we need to open our hearts a little bit. “

Dawn Wells is currently on her book tour for her latest book called What Would Mary Ann Do? : A guide to life  


RFH Interview Director of OMG GMO Jeremy Seifert Richie T |
08/18/2014 | Filed In: rfh | kerrybillgina | gmoomg | documentary | gmos | chemicals | roundup | radiofromhell | richiet

RFH Interview Director of OMG GMO Jeremy Seifert

Radio From Hell Interviews the Director Jeremy Seifert of the documentary OMG GMO. Jeremy Seifert explains  crossbreeding and modification of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms.)  


Director Seifert addresses the issues of agriculture and the negative effects of Round-Up on crops.“You have giant chemical companies now feeding us, and you have a chemical company like Monsanto trying to sell more chemicals: Round-Up is the most prevalent herbicide in the world.” Round-Up (a chemical pesticide) has been linked to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, various forms of cancer, and Celiac Disease. “The GMOs have been quote ‘proven-safe’ from 3 month industry studies or industry-affiliated studies, and yet longer term studies are indicating that there might be serious health implications from GMOs.”

“We need to be awake to this issue, GMOs are not labeled in this country and most people don’t know what they are.”

OMG GMO is now out on DVD.  


Lou Ferrigno Interview With Richie T Richie T |
08/15/2014 | Filed In: #louferrigno #richiet #rfh #interview #x96 #hulk #hulksmash #michaeljackson

Lou Ferrigno Interview With Richie T

Lou Ferrigno talks to Richie T about being Michael Jackson's personal trainer, coming to this year's Salt Lake Comic Con, and much more!


Being Michael Jackson’s Personal Trainer

Well it was different because he [Michael Jackson] was so involved in music that he never really weight trained or exercised as much before. So when I was with him, I would give him a live regiment, like a routine so he could do it to retain his flexibility and stamina.

Going to Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

Well, I do a panel at the Con also, and I tell the fans to stay away from drugs, sex, and violence. That’s important because the fact that they come to a comic con that’s so positive, and you meet people, and make connections to celebrities, and there’s a Q&A. It’s always about walking away with a smile on your face instead of being depressed and doing the wrong things to yourself.



Rifftrax Godzilla Premiere Richie T |
08/07/2014 | Filed In: #kerryjackson #billallred #ginabarberi #godzilla #rifftrax #richietsteadman #rfh

Rifftrax Godzilla Premiere

Radio From Hell sat down with two manly men from Rifftrax, Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murphy! They talked about the 1980's Godzilla premiere that will be coming the a theatre near you! 

"We'll be on stage on the Belcourse theater in Nashville, Tennessee. Rifftrax will be doing what we have done for a long time, and make fun of the film, non-stop." August 14th @ 7PM, and August 19th @7:30PM. At any Cinemark, or Centry theater in the Salt Lake Valley!


Listen to the full interview here: 


Ticket Information Here



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