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NSFW: Portland Enjoys a Naked Bike Ride While SLC Celebrated Pride Corey O'Brien |
06/09/2014 | Filed In: Portland | NSFW | Naked | SLC | Salt Lake City | Pride | Bicycle | Nudity

NSFW: Portland Enjoys a Naked Bike Ride While SLC Celebrated Pride

***This post is NFSW (Not safe for work)

Everyone loves a bike ride with your shirt off and the wind pushing past you as the scenery passes by at your own pace. How about a ride with your pants off, or without your bra or panties or boxers. Some people like it better when they can drop trouser and get a tan where the sun doesn't usually shine. Salt Lake might have been celebrating acceptance and showing a little more flesh than usual, but were certainly not the showiest city in the country.

While we celebrated Pride this weekend Portland was one-upping the freak flag flying. Thousands took part in the annual World Naked Bike Ride. While some people staked their claim for prime gawking privileges, others took to their bikes with private parts freed for all the world to lay eyes upon.  However, like many naked activities people participate in, just because people are naked doesn't mean you'll want to look.

Why do they do this? According the official site, the ride, "highlights the vulnerability of cyclists everywhere and decries society’s dependence on pollution-based transport. It’s also a lot of fun and it’s free for all!"

(Note: the following link shows NAKED PEOPLE riding bicycles. If you are sensitive or offended by such material or you're at work don't click the link). That stated, for the voyeurs out there here's where you can go look at the bold, the sometimes beautiful and their bicycles protest naked at 10 MPH for you gas guzzling, world-hating, clothes-lovers via Bike Portland.org's Flickr account.

If you are visiting Seattle June 21st you can see the Freemont Solistice Parade where thousands more go naked, painted or au natural on their bicycles to welcome in warmer climates.  For info on that click here.


Utah Pride 2014 Photo Recap Corey O'Brien |
06/09/2014 | Filed In: Utah Pride | LGBT | Utah Pride 2014 | pride

Utah Pride 2014 Photo Recap

On a lovely Sunday Summer day in Salt Lake City everyone came out for a parade and a day of celebration to end Utah's four-day 2014 Pride Festival. Everyone out enjoying the parade and a day of food, drink, entertainment and eye candy at Washington Square gave us, not only a reason to poke fun at the more conservative side or this place we reside, but to go out among friends you've never met and notice how much we all have the ability to get along...and get a little freaky.



10 Fabulous Things You'll See At Pride Corey O'Brien |
06/04/2014 | Filed In: Utah Pride | LGBT | Utah Pride 2014

10 Fabulous Things You'll See At Pride

It's Pride time again people! This weekend, from the 5th-8th, downtown will get a little more friendly, a little more fabulous and probably a lot more sexy (Utah sexy)! Utah Pride 2014 is upon us and it certainly isn't just a parade, but days of celebrating, music, meeting people and partying all for the love of who are you. Here are some of the things we expect to see at this year's festival. If you still don't have tickets get them now by clicking here.

Also, here's the entertainment schedule so you wont' miss a thing.

1. People dancing - What's Pride without some rhythm? Check out this flash mob from 2011:

2. Mormons Building Bridges - a contentious issue in our state...still.  But, why? These people believe faith and people being who they are can work just fine. There will be lots of cheering for these folks.

3. Our staff members really show off their pride...oh boy.

4. Prideful Pets - and why not? With the proper attire your pet can have a good a time as anyone walking on two legs. Just make sure they have enough water.

5. Dudes with their shirts off - at least most of them at Pride are in shape right? (see number 4...ha, sorry Jake!).

6. Fashion - if you're not turning someone's head, you aren't doing it right. Let your flag fly.

7. The haters and the people who try to love them...or at lease ignore them. Yeah sure, they're expressing their rights, but let's all have some hope they see things differently in the future.

8. Betty Who - because what's a festival without some music. She'll be performing at 8pm on Saturday. Check the entertainment line-up for more.

9. Your parents - Face it.  Pride isn't something your parents are asking about anymore. "What's that thing you go to downtown every year with all the rainbows?"  They are going, so don't be embarrassed when you see your folks getting down to one of the many DJs performing over the weekend.

10. The Parade - Of course it wouldn't be Utah Pride 2014 without the parade, which will be on Sunday, the last day of the festival.  Make sure to keep an eye out for the X96. It starts at 10 a.m.

We'll see you out there this weekend.  Be safe and take a cab or one of the handy ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber so everyone has a good, safe time.  Happy Pride, everybody!



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