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The New Final Fantasy Game and Why I Hate It Before I've Played It Corey O'Brien |
09/23/2014 | Filed In: Final Fantasy | XBox | Playstation | Video Games | Gaming | Nerd | Geek | Cosplay

The New Final Fantasy Game and Why I Hate It Before I've Played It

I remember sitting for hours and hour playing Final Fantasy II. That's right, I said part two.  Do you know why I could sit and play Final Fantasy II for hours and hours? Because you could actually play it. It was a game, with objectives. 

So, my gripe: jumping a full generation ahead we have the first peek at Final Fantasy XV. Like many before it and many after Final Fantasy III there isn't as much gaming. Sure, you can put in forty, eighty or more hours on per new volume, but after playing the last few editions I felt I was watching a movie and not playing a game. I was being lulled into submission and passivity rather than the active passivity I achieve from playing most games, watching "Transformers" movies or writing blogs while sending emails while watching "Transformers" movies at 10:30p. What went wrong with this once great gaming franchise?

You may disagree with the last paragraph but when "game" gets removed from "video game" we have left the fun dome. Yeah, the Fun Dome is gone, too. Though I hear kids are getting educated there, which is probably better than what I got from my time spent there: mini golf, roller skating and batting cages. It's why I am a radio guy and not lawyer.

The trailer looks amazing but if every 5 minutes of gameplay is interrupted with over-indulgent clips, well, I just cant hang. I guess we will wait and see.

You decide:



RFH Interview: Chris Hardwick Corey O'Brien |
06/02/2014 | Filed In: Radio From Hell | Chris Hardwick | Comedy RFH | Nerdist | @Midnight

RFH Interview: Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick stopped in the studio on Friday morning to chat with the RFH crew about his dad, the professional and celebrity bowlers, being serious on stage as a comedian, The Nerdist Podcast, @Midnight and more. Here are the videos:





I rock the accordion! Todd Nuke 'Em | Program Director
09/07/2011 | Filed In: accordion | nerd | todd | Brogan Kelby

I rock the accordion!

I have to admit that I've never thought of myself as a musician; however, the opportunity to go crazy on the accordion was hard to resist. Here I am getting funky on Brogan Kelby's accordion a couple of nights ago! I don't need Guitar Hero, I have an accordion! Remember that Brogan will be at the X96 Big Ass Show on October 8th at the Gallivan Center with Panic! At The Disco, Neon Trees, Anberlin, Switchfoot and others.



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